Helping Students Cope with Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is about so much more than simply not liking to take tests. For thousands of students, formal assessments like a pop quiz , the SAT, or the PARCC can bring about intense physiological and psychological responses. This powerful anxiety can make it all but impossible to perform well.

Once I experienced clinical anxiety myself, I got a true glimpse into what students with test anxiety are contending with. Here are some practical tips for both understanding and supporting students suffering from test anxiety:

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4 Ways for Administrators to Foster Positive Relationships with their Teachers

Educating students truly takes a village. From teachers to administrators, board members to maintenance staff, there are a lot of adults involved in making schools productive and safe places for students to learn.

So often the focus is placed upon the relationships between these adults and the students they reach. However, maximizing the value in these staff-to-student interactions requires the adults to form positive bonds amongst themselves as a school faculty.

As administrators, it is important to acknowledge that part of the responsibility that comes with running a productive school for students also includes finding ways to forge encouraging and productive relationships with staff members.

Here are four key ways administrators can foster positive relationships with their teaching staff:


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