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3 Steps to Encourage Student Mindfulness

Any teacher will tell you, it is impossible to teach a student who is not in the proper head-space to learn. Thankfully, there are things educators can do to make their environments more focused and peaceful places to learn.

Promoting mindfulness skills with students doesn’t require any complex curriculum or extensive professional development. You can start creating a more mindful space for learning by following 3 simple steps…


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5 Practical Ways to Use Music to Promote Learning


Music is an amazing force.

It can rev you up and it can calm you down.

It can make you feel and it can make you think.

Bringing music into the classroom isn’t a new concept, but there is much more to unleashing its power than just hitting “Play”. Here are 5 practical ways educators can bring music into the learning experience in creative, productive, and engaging ways:


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Helping Students Cope with Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is about so much more than simply not liking to take tests. For thousands of students, formal assessments like a pop quiz , the SAT, or the PARCC can bring about intense physiological and psychological responses. This powerful anxiety can make it all but impossible to perform well.

Once I experienced clinical anxiety myself, I got a true glimpse into what students with test anxiety are contending with. Here are some practical tips for both understanding and supporting students suffering from test anxiety:

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